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About myself

My name is Peter Willems. Since seven years I deal in antique arms from the East. As a child our family watched countless television movies and many of these featured weapons, warfare and tactics. My stepfather always commented on them. Often laughing at how the moviemakers got it wrong. As a retired army weapons instructor, he knew what he was talking about. So by the time I was eighteen I was unwillingly lectured on a wide variety of arms topics. Somehow it influenced my interest in history, arts and foreign cultures and how weapons and tactics had helped to shape societies throughout history.

I specialise mainly in arms and arts of Indo-Persian origin. I strive to offer my clients good quality pieces, and I'm more than happy to offer advice and consultation in order to help them extend their collections with fine and rare items. Please don't hesitate to contact me for information or if you want to receive our newsletter.

Peter Willems